This server provides an anonymous JSON server api that is free to use. Simply point your application to the following JSON endpoint, and you'll receive information regarding current server(s), status and player count information.


  • wrserver: root node
    • global (string describing the server name, e.g. global, steam, or sea)
      • currentstatus
        • serveronline (boolean) : Whether the server can be accessed- this is usually only offline during maintenance but might also report being offline if this API is being worked on.
        • playercount (integer) : current users online. Displays -1 if the server is offline or if an error occurred.
        • 1h-average (integer) : trailing 1 hour average of player count
      • maxplayers
        • maxcount (integer for the all-time highest playercount for the server)
        • timestamp (utc timestamp integer)
        • timestamp-human (human readable timestamp)

Results may be cached, and updates may be delayed by approximately 1 minute (Re-poll frequently!)

API v2 is being worked on with more detailed server status information, historical data, some statistical analysis (hourly snapshot views with low, average, highest player counts). Data provided by Quantum.