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Source: https://warrock.papayaplay.com

  • 1. The Engineer class has the ability to repair the Incubator with the Spanner.

  • 2. Shooting Barrett_Nerve into the Incubator in Defence mode, will stun all zombies around it.

  • 3. When you are followed by a Chariot, Crusher, etc... Don't look back, because walking backwards is slower than going forwards.
  • 4. T-Capsule: when you only have one way to run and it's full of zombies throw the T-Capsule to avoid them. They will be attracted to the T-capsule for a few seconds, just long enough so that you can escape.
  • 1. If you run in a pattern you can group the zombies up which will help you survive longer

  • 2. In AI Mode when zombies hit you it always registers as a headshot. So make sure you have extra headshot defence and not extra body defence!
  • 3. When you are in a corner and need to avoid a Super Heavy, which will often one-hit you, you can avoid them by rolling past them. To do this you want to roll past them at their hammers side, they can still hit you, however, the chances of them hitting you is significantly lower.

  • 4. More M202A1 Rockets: If you play zombies as a Heavy Trooper, and you are carrying an M202A1 in your Inventory, you are basically carrying 20 rockets! For this trick you will need the Heavy_Ammo Box in your 6th slot. When you shoot your first 4 rockets, switch to the Heavy_Ammo Box and drop one box on the ground. Walk over it to claim it, and switch back to your M202A1 launcher. You should regain another full clip. (Your bullet counter should say 0/2 but when you finish reloading it should once again say 4/1) do this until you run out of Heavy_Ammo Box and M202A1 Rockets, it's basically as if you are adding 3 more clips! Beware: not always a good idea to use in beginning of waves since Heavy_Ammo Box can't be restored at Ammo Stations.
  • 5. If you are facing a Buster you keep jumping to help avoid his rockets. Make sure you keep moving, because if you stand still he will kill you..
  • 1. In both Pow Camp and Hidden Cave if you are an Engineer you can go invisible by pressing "F" and the zombies cannot see you. This lasts for as long as you have SP. You can do this as many times as you would like.